Erika & Mark

A glorious and bluebird day in Ojai, California. This adventurous couple decide to start their magic together at Meditation Mountain, a scared and magical ground with native plants and the best view in the Valley. So joyful to get to spend the day frolicking in my own back yard with these two awesome people and their families. This is their story…

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Jason & Chelsea

Highlights of this awesome and fun wedding, Flash-mob, fog-horns and burst of uncontrollable laughter from everyone at the wedding, including myself. This feisty couple is perfect for each other and I feel incredibly privileged to get to be a part of their lives, even if only just for a day.

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Pinwheel Tutorial


Well hello! I would like to share with you how to make your own spinning pinwheels and also Pinwheel cupcake decorations (see below) for a birthday party or even just a fun project to do with your little ones (fun for grownups too). These are much safer than the ones with actual pins (Yikes) and […]

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Amrit & Kelly

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Newborn Photography


  Congratulations on your new little person. Being a mother myself I understand that this is one of the sweetest (and most sleep deprived) moments in your life. As much as you would like to be cuddled up in your love cocoon with your new human, and not worry about such things as ‘finding a […]

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A Romp Through the Ojai Mountains


This beautiful couple came to Ojai to celebrate their engagement. The lovely Maiden, Iliana is from New York but I swear she is a California girl at heart. So much sweetness and love between these two, I wish them all the love in the world.

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Jason & Chelsea

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Karina & Olive


These two beauties came to Ojai to celebrate a birthday. What a lovely treat it was to frolic with this soulful and spirited pair.

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Birthday Party Photography

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Please contact me for prices on Head shots, business portraits, special events and more… or (805) 669-7111  

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