The Rosen’s


Cecily of Six Sapphires


Kyle and Deanna soon to meet baby Oliver

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Rob, Tegan and Sebastian at the Beach

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Michelle & Nekyia


A lovely day in downtown Ventura with an incredibly funny and drop-dead awesome mother daughter duo. <3 

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Brea & Alex



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Fancy Free Mama B

Hello all you wonderful and fabulous people out there. ohmygosh, there is just so much to say! I will start by saying that I absolutely love being a mama. My baby Ella has redefined me in so many ways and I have no idea what I was up to before her. Bed time books, good [...]

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Felt Mouse


We got an adorable little kitty! Her name is La Luna (Luna for short) She is the sweetest most affectionate kitty we have ever had. Growing up in the wilds of upper Ojai, only the wiliest of kitties would servive among the coyotes and mountain Lions, I always assumed that cats were kind of…jerks. But [...]

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Barley Field Beauty

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